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Breezy Blue - STRONG Mat (30% OFF)

Workout Mat


STRONG Mat in Colour Breezy Blue

- Natural Rubber Mat + PU Leather top
- Non-tear, durable, long lasting
- Non-slip
- Moisture absorbent
- High quality, cushioned
- 100% Recyclable

I'm so excited to share my new STRONG Mats with you! STRONG Mats are so beautiful, soft yet strong and so comfortable to workout on!

Designed by me, for YOU! Finally a quality workout mat that avoids dangerous slipping (on your sweat) while exercising, and doesn't move or end up across the other side of the room at the end of your workout, fewww!

- 183 x 68cm x 3mm thickness
- 2.1kg Each

SKU: 40000 TAGS: workout mat, breezy blue, strong mats, yoga mat

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